Ribbon Glitter Belt

Sunday, July 22, 2007 |

Color: Gold (SOLD), Red (SOLD), White (SOLD)
Starting Price: RM 18
Item No: 100047, 100048, 100049

Length: 100 cm
Hip Circumference: 30" - 36" (Still has extra length to make additional holes to expand)


Davelynne said...

Me bids for RM18...

sissonne said...


Which color do you want?


Davelynne said...
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Davelynne said...

i mean... the red one... i'm bidding for the red one... :)

(just realized there's no black)

sissonne said...

Congrats davelynne. The red glitter ribbon belt shall be yours for RM 18.

Please email us your details (Full name, shipping address, contact number) to sissonne.closet@gmail.com


Nadia Zahirah said...

Color: White
Bid: RM18

Name: Nadia
Email: nadiaz86@hotmail.com

sissonne said...

Congrats Nadia ! The white glitter ribbon belt shall be yours for RM 18.

Please email us your particulars (Full Name, Shipping Address, Contact Number) to sissonne.closet@gmail.com

Also, you will be entitled for free shipping from us for putting our banner in your blog.

Thanks !!!

HuiFang said...

Name: Hui Fang
Email: miluku.t@gmail.com
Color: Gold (100047)
Price: RM18

sissonne said...

Congrats Hui Fang. This last piece of Gold Glitter Ribbon Belt shall be yours for RM 18.

We will email you the summary in a short while.

Thanks again !