Lolly Dolly

Monday, July 9, 2007 |

Color: Pink (SOLD), Baby Pink (SOLD), Purple (SOLD)
Starting Price: RM 30
Item No: 100003, 100004, 100005
Does not include inner lace camisole

Shoulder Width: 40 cm
Length: 55 cm
Sleeve Opening: 14 cm (Stretchable)
Lower Hem: 44 cm
Bust Width: 40 cm
Bust Circumference: 30"


Anonymous said...


Lolly Dolly, purple : RM30

sissonne said...

Congrats Jen.
The purple lolly dolly shall be yours at RM30.

Please email us your details at and we shall send over our banking info for you to proceed with payment.


Anonymous said...


Lolly Dolly, light pink - RM30

sissonne said...

Congrats Jen !
Pink Lolly Dolly shall be yours for RM 30.

Thank you for supporting.

Chong Haw said...

Color : Pink
Bidding : RM30.00

Name : Chong Haw
Contact : 012-2708700
Email :

sissonne said...

Congrats Chong Haw. The Pink Lolly Dolly shall be yours for RM 30.

We will email you the summary in a short while.

Thank you.