Casual Lace

Sunday, July 15, 2007 |

Color: Beige (SOLD), Pink (SOLD)
Starting Price: RM 40
Item No: 100020, 100021
Very stretchable

Shoulder Width: 44 cm
Length: 52 cm
Sleeve Opening: 12 cm
Lower Hem: 30 cm (Stretchable)
Bust Width: 42 cm
Bust Circumference: 32"


Anonymous said...

Name: Leng Zheng
Price: Biege - RM40

This one is kinda costly...however...good clothes just hard to find...

sissonne said...

Congrats Leng Zhen. The beige casual lace will be yours for RM 40.

We will email you the summary in awhile.

Just for your information, the cost price of this top is slightly higher than usual and we are not earning alot from this.

Our main objective is to sell most of the imported clothes cheaper compared to most of the online sellers in Malaysia/SG.

Anonymous said...

Name: Selbeey
Price: RM42 - pink

worth to pay for a good cloth

sissonne said...

Congrats Selbeey. This pink casual lace shall be yours for RM 42

Please email us your particulars (Full Name, Shipping Address, Contact Number) to


Chong Haw said...

Is the beige casual lace is still open for bidding?

Name : Chong Haw
Contact : 012-2708700
Email :

sissonne said...

Sorry both are sold out.
Just about to update the status.