Pink Satin

Sunday, July 15, 2007 |

Color: Pink (SOLD)
Starting Price: RM 45
Item No: 100009
Satin material

Shoulder Width: 42 cm
Length: 58 cm
Sleeve Opening: 15 cm
Lower Hem: 44 cm
Bust Width: 45 cm
Bust Circumference: 34"


Anonymous said...

hi i want this shirt!
i bid 40

Anonymous said...

oops i meant 45

sissonne said...

Thanks for your bid.

Can you post your name and email address as well?


Anonymous said...

sissonne said...

Congrats morganie. This lovely pink satin will go to you for RM 45.

Please email us at and leave us your particulars (full name, shipping address, contact number).

We shall send over the banking details to you ASAP.