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What does SISSONNE means ?
SISSONNE is a ballet term that represents a jump in which the dancer lands on one foot, with the other extended to the back, front, or side. SISSONNE is pronounced as si-son or see-sawn.

Why did we named it SISSONNE ?
Yes, yes...we know it is a little hard to spell it right at times. To be frank, we think that we really did a mistake in naming it as SISSONNE (70% of the people mis-spell it as SISONNE, SISSONE or even SISONE and probably 80% of them wouldn't know how to pronounce it right). Sad...

Where the are the items from ?
Most of the items are from overseas and they are hand-carried into Malaysia either by ourselves. Therefore, each design comes in limited pieces and that is the main reason why we have to auction it out. They are all so exclusive and you might be the only first few that wear it here in Malaysia.

How does the bidding works ?
All you need to do is to leave a comment in the respective post of the item. State down your name, color of the item and the minimum bid price. Within the next 24 hours, if there isn't any higher bidder, then the item shall be yours. Every bid increment is RM 2 or more.

Why not SISSONNE just sell the items rather than auctioning it out ?
The main reason why we are auctioning it out is because we only have limited pieces. We think it is fair to everyone else by giving a 24 hours "no-bidder" period before awarding the item to the winner. It wouldn't be nice for you if each time you visit us and see that everything is SOLD OUT. At least with a simple and easy 24 hours bidding system, everyone now has a chance to fight for the clothes that they love.

We will only sell certain items only if we managed to get hold of a certain quantity (e.g. 1 dozen or more). We will state it down in the post so that you wouldn't be confused. This is usually based on first-come first-served basis which means whichever person that leave us a comment first will purchase it at that selling price.

How often SISSONNE updates ?
We are trying our best to put up one design per day from Monday - Friday, so please do visit us often for your latest and hottest fashion grabs, don't miss them out !

Is SISSONNE trustworthy ?
We want to establish a long term trust and credibility with the customers. If you do not trust us, please do check out our testimonial page to see what other customers have to said.

How much will the shipping cost ?
We will be using PosLaju (Express Postage) Malaysia. Within Klang Valley it should arrive within 1 business day, else where should be around 2-4 working days.

Postage within Peninsular Malaysia = RM 6 for first 500g, RM 2 for next 250g
Postage to Sabah/Sarawak = RM 9 for first 500g, RM 4 for next 250g

For postage to other countries, please refer to us.

Can I request for cheaper shipping charges ?
Yes, of course you can and we will be using registered post which is safer compared to the normal postage (will request for signature upon delivery). However, it will arrive slower compared to PosLaju (Express Postage). For 1-2 items, registered postage should cost approximately RM 4 and the price varies according to the weight of the parcel.

What if I do not receive my items ?
Standard PosLaju shipping takes about 2-3 working days to arrive depending on your location. If you did not receive it after that duration, you can track the items with the tracking code given to you at http://www.pos.com.my/v1/?c=/v1/TrackTrace/MainTrack.htm or call up Pos Malaysia Customer Service Centre at 1300 300 300.

Also, please ensure that your shipping address location has someone in during daytime as PosLaju requires signature upon delivery. If not, they will drop the parcel at the nearest PosLaju office and you will have to collect it yourself.

What if I am not in Malaysia but I wish to shop at SISSONNE ?
Yes, we now support PayPal payment methods and PayPal
accepts most of the credit and debit cards worldwide. All you need to do is to email us to request for our PayPal's account and we will also check for you the shipping charges to your country.

What is the difference between SISSONNE and some of the online boutiques ?
Most of the online boutiques do pre-order method whereby they sell first and get the stocks later from overseas in bulk.

There are few risks on the buyers with this method:
- usually you need to wait till the spree closes (usually 2-3 weeks)
- shipping usually takes another 2-3 weeks by standard international air postage (International postage is expensive. Most of the seller chose for standard air postage which is cheaper without any insurance or guarantee or arrival)
- no guarantee on the quality whereby you might get defected items (seller will not be able to examine the items first since they are all pre-ordered)

Therefore, SISSONNE chose to take this risks by buying the items first with our own money and check all the items for defects before shipping it out.

What are the quality of the item like ?
No doubt that quality is one of the major concern for most of the online shoppers. Therefore, we do pre-inspection on all the items before shipping it out.

A real example, a dress that we gotten from Taiwan has a broken shoulder strap and all these are one of the common risk that online shoppers have to endure. We do not want our customers to go through what we have gone through. Hence, we purchased a new strap and replace it at our own cost and all this is our commitment to you.

How does the measurements of the item works ?
Please allow 1-inch discrepancies for the measurements stated.

If I buy more, is there any discounts ?
We do provide a 5% discount for 3 or more apparels purchased.

Can I have a 360 view of the item ?
Most of the items come with pictures given to us by the suppliers. Therefore, some of the pictures may not have a back view of the item.

Unless for those items that are handpicked by us from other countries, we should be able to provide you with a 360 view (zoom in-out, wherever you want) of the item under normal outdoor lighting.

Can I do Cash-On-Delivery (COD) ?
Yes you can but only if we mutually agreed to a meet-up spot and time. Inform us via email or chat with us so that we can tell you our schedule and where we may likely be meeting. And of course, there will not be any postage charges if we do COD. Common areas for COD are areas around Cheras (Pandan Indah, Leisure Mall, etc.) and PJ (Sec17, SS2, 1U, The Curve, etc.)

If I bid for 2 or more items (individually different date), do I need to pay for multiple shipping charges ?
If we do notice that you are bidding for 2 or more items, we usually prefer to ship them together to save up your shipping charges. Therefore, we will hold on to the items first for you to settle the lump sum payment. Only then we will ship it out together.

There are also buyers that requested us to hold onto their item first because they might want to buy other item later on. That way, it will save up their shipping fee and we are willing to do that only if you pay us first for the items that you have won.

What if I cannot pay you the exact amount from the Cash Deposit machine ?
For example, you suppose to pay us RM 36 but the bank's cash deposit machine only accepts RM 10 notes. You may pay us RM 40 and we will put the remaining change which is RM 4 back into your parcel.

Can I request you to send out the clothes as a gift to someone ?
Yes of course. Let us know and we will be glad to help you in preparing it. Also, with our compliments, we will prepare a gift card with your personalized message in it for any seasonal or special occasions. Click here to look at the samples.

Why does the alignment of the page runs off ?
We have found out that if you used Internet Explorer version 6 or older, it will have some viewing problems. Please use Internet Explorer version 7 onwards or other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. for a better viewing experience.

We hope that you will love the items in SISSONNE and we will promise you to bring in more fashion apparels for you Fashionista out there. Happy shopping !


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