Terms & Conditions

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 |

Before you bid, please do read and understand the terms and conditions applied.

  1. Items sold are not refundable or exchangeable. We will include a detailed description of every item for the buyers to refer.
  2. Buyer should allow within 1 inch discrepancies for the measurements stated due to different ways of measurement.
  3. Shipping fee is not included. Please take note that there will be a minimal charge of the shipping fee depending on the weight of the items and location of postage.
  4. We will be using PosLaju Malaysia. Postage to destination within Peninsular Malaysia costs about RM 6 for first 500g and RM 3 for next 250g and to Sabah/Sarawak costs about RM 9 for first 500g and RM 4 for next 250g.
  5. Each shipment comes with a tracking code. You can trace the shipping status at http://www.pos.com.my/v1/?c=/v1/TrackTrace/MainTrack.htm. Therefore, we will not hold any further responsibility after the items have shipped out from our place.
  6. All items will be delivered only after the payment has been made.
  7. Please ensure that your shipping address location has someone in during daytime as PosLaju requires signature upon delivery. If not, they will drop the parcel at the nearest PosLaju office and you will have to collect it yourself there.
  8. We will not be responsible for any wear and tear incurred on the item due to their course of daily usage. For more information on how to take good care of your clothes, please click here.
  9. Due to setting of the monitor, color might be slightly different with the picture posted, therefore, we will state the actual color of the item.
  10. All information provided to us will be deemed personal and will be kept confidential.
  11. Please read up the guide on how to purchase your favorite items at http://sissonne.blogspot.com/2007/05/how-to-order.html
  12. For those that have our banner in their blogs/sites you may be entitled for FREE shipping (within Malaysia only) from us. However, we may need to assess your blogs/sites first before we approve this privilege to you. You must have your blogs/sites updated frequently, certain number of visitors/readers, etc.
  13. We reserve the right to make changes on our site, policies and the terms & conditions at any point of time.
  14. By using this site, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.


Anonymous said...

just want to ask,why do we have a certain of visitors only can get free postage fee?how many of visitors do you need to get it?

sissonne said...

Well we are not very strict on this but as long as we do see there are some visitors that came from your blog/site, then you are likely to be entitled for free shipping.

We just want to avoid people from abusing this privilege by simply creating an empty blog/site. As long as your blog/site has readers and updated frequently, then we are happy to give you free shipping.

Anonymous said...

hi, i've an question.. if i purchase more than 1 cloth at almost the same time, do i just h to pay only 1 shipping?

sissonne said...

Yup, if we do notice that you're bidding more than 1 item, we usually prefer to ship them together to save up your shipping charges.

At times if we do find that both items are less than 500g (tees, etc), we will charge only RM 6 or RM 9 (East Malaysia).

There are also certain buyers that prefer to pay us first but told us to hold on the item first while she shop for her next item later on, that is possible too.

We're pretty flexible... ;)

missycheerio said...

i think im qualified for the free delivery =)

sissonne said...

Of course you will if only you have our little banner in your blog.
By the way, nice blog you got there, keep it up! ;)

jean said...

i linked u..
how can i noe i can get the free shipping from u?

sissonne said...

Hi Jean,

I'm sure you'll be entitled for free shipping once you get our banner up correctly.

Somehow there are some minor problems with the blog, there are alot of errors/exceptions, not sure which portions.

Also, when we click on our banner, it did not link to the right URL, add us into your MSN or email us. We can proceed from there if you need our help ;)


sissonne said...

Thanks Catherine, yea we thought we fixed that up before but it re-appeared again. Anyhow, thanks for informing.

Yes jean, we saw it. And yes you'll be entitled for free shipping from us.

Rebecca said...

:) I think I need some help here. The banner wouldn't appear in my blog even though I can see it in the "rich text" page.

Rebecca said...

okay :) haha, now it works. free shipping for me yo! (;

xo JELLYTUBE ox said...

okay yay i hv put up yr banner in my blog. :)

AYN raynxt said...

hey, i've put ur banner at my blog. so, next time if i want to buy ur stuffs, i could get free shipping ?

sissonne said...

Sure, just let our banner runs awhile. When we do noticed some visitors that came from your blog, you will automatically be entitled for free shipping from us.

hippo said...

i linked u ady...
how do i know tat i can get free shipping from u??

my blog.. http://www.wretch.cc/blog/hippotai83

budak bijak malaya said...

hi.. im new in blogger.
did i qualified to get free shipping?

JustAnotherTragedy said...

i hope i'm entitled for the free shipping!

is it poslaju or registered mail? if it's registered mail, can i top up for poslaju? :)

sissonne said...

Hi. Can you can email us on your blog's URL? We need to verify with our data first before we give out free shipping. Thanks!