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Friday, August 17, 2007 |

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Anonymous said...

May I know is this website new?
Started when?
Im kind of interested to order but still need to know more details.. such as which country is the shirt made in? Korea? Taiwan? Vietnam?

Would appreciate you could reply back, thanks.

sissonne said...

Its pretty new, we started around June this year.

Most of our stuffs are from other countries such as Taiwan, China, Bangkok, HongKong, and etc.

. said...

I'm interested with few of your sold items. is it possible for you to restock them?

Yan Er

sissonne said...

The chances of us bumping into the same designs are very slim. This is because we travel to different parts of the world to handpicked our clothes from. Therefore, most of the items are exclusive only for you. However, you can email and let us know which item that you want and we can keep an eye on it if we do see it next time.