Monday, August 13, 2007 |

Color: Black (SOLD)
Starting Price: RM 24
Item No: 100029
This top is black color instead (not purple)
Necklace is not included

Length: 63 cm
Shoulder Width: 36 cm
Sleeve Opening: 12 cm
Lower Hem: 48 cm
Bust Width: 42 cm
Bust Circumference: 32"


sissonne said...

Just state down the starting minimum price which is RM 24 as your starting bid, after 24 hours if there isn't any higher bidder, you will be the winner of this item. Please refer to the write-ups on 'how 2 order' and 'terms & conds' on the tabs above.

Also, please take note that this item, the color is not like in the picture, it is black in color. Somehow, the supplier adjusted the contrast of their photos till it looked like purple. We got conned from it, so we're telling you in advance and selling this at cost price.

hOoNg~ said...

im so sorry.. i couldnt get on9 dis few days.

sissone.. i'm sorry again. i tink i wanna withdraw my bid. currently out of cash..sorry.

its a vry nice top

sissonne said...

This item is open for bidding again.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Chong Haw said...

Bidding : RM24.00

Name : Chong Haw
Contact : 012-2708700
Email :

sissonne said...

Congrats Chong Haw. Black Casualicious shall be yours for RM 24.

We will email you the summary in a short while.

Thanks !