Gypsy Style

Sunday, August 5, 2007 |

Color: Grey/Black (SOLD)
Starting Price: RM 49
Item No: 100067
Does not include the matching skirt
Matching belt is included
Very stretchable

Length: 64 cm
Lower Hem: 32 - 44 cm (Stretchable)
Shoulder Width: 37 cm (Stretchable)
Sleeve Opening: 12 cm (Stretchable)
Bust Width: 32 - 44 cm (Stretchable)
Bust Circumference: 25 - 34" (Stretchable)


Chienne said...

i bid rm49.

Chienne said...

er.. new to this. am i supposed to leave my name and email too?


sissonne said...

Congrats chienne. This Gypsy style shall be yours for RM 49

Please email us your particulars (Full Name, Shipping Address, Contact Number) to


Anonymous said...

Hey dear,sissonne.
I knew this is sold.I'm really love it.Can you restock this please??!! I'm buying it for RM60 if possible,PLEASEEEE...please

sissonne said...

Hi girl, this blouse was brought in from Taiwan quite some time back.

I don't think I can find it anymore but if I do see it again then I'll bring one back for you.

No promise though, that's why check us out daily so that you won't miss out any good grabs ;)