Thursday, February 28, 2008 |

Color: Black (SOLD), White (SOLD)
Selling Price: RM 50
Item No: 100384, 100385
Very good quality material.
This item is brought in from HongKong.

Length: 75 cm
Lower Hem: 52 cm
Shoulder Width: 40 cm
Sleeve Length: 47 cm
Bust Width: 46 cm
Bust Circumference: 36"


Style Factor said...

Hey hun, the white one looks much looser than the black one? What size does your model (in UK please) usually wear?

Love the black one but would like to confirm first :)


sissonne said...

Hi, yes indeed the white one is slightly looser than the black one. The model wears UK size 6.

Anonymous said...

is the white still available?
may i know the exact material of the item and is see see-through?
thanks :)

sissonne said...


First of all thank you for dropping by.The material of the item is Lycra and it's very comfortable to wear.It isn't see through.

Catty said...

is the white colour still available? if it is i would like to bid for it :)

Name: Catty
Color: White
Bid price: RM50

sissonne said...

Hi Catty,

Thankyou for droping by. Yes the gorgeous white mystique which is made in Japan is still available.


Happy Bidding!

sissonne said...

Congrats Catty. White Mystique shall be yours for RM 50.

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